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Gut health (incl. Coeliac Disease)

Do you suffer from daily abdominal discomfort? Have you been told that you probably have a FODMAPS intolerance, but you have no idea what that means? Have you tried to fix this issue before, only to find that you couldn’t get the support that you needed?

Our experience dietitians can help.

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Eating disorders

Have you noticed that you are having trouble controlling the way that you think about food and eating? Does your diet seem to control you, rather than the other way around?

Have you been diagnosed with an Eating Disorder, or are concerned that you may have an Eating Disorder?

Our team can help.

Fertility & pregnancy nutrition

Are you having trouble falling pregnant or staying pregnant? Are you worried about what you should eat during pregnancy to ensure you and your baby get adequate nutrition? Are you looking at your pre-pregnancy clothes and wondering if they will ever fit again? Have you been diagnosed with gestational diabetes?


Chronic health conditions

Did you know that 89% of deaths in Australia in 2018 were associated with a chronic disease?

Almost 50% of all Australians had one or more chronic disease.

Of the ten chronic diseases recognised by the Australian Health Department, seven can be improved with change in diet, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Our team of dietitians can help.

Aged care nutrition

Our aged care nutrition services are suitable for both in-home and residential aged care settings. We can also assist residential aged care providers with annual goods and services adequacy reviews

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Body scanning

Do you understand your body's composition, especially in relation to muscle and fat? Have you ever gotten to the end of a fitness program and wondered if it had made a difference? If you haven't used an InBody body scanner, then you have been missing out!

DVA & Medicare patients welcome

​Patients with a valid concession card or children under 16 years of age are bulk billed for review consultations when they have a current Enhanced Primary Care referral (Medicare Team Care Arrangement). 

Patients with an EPC referral will be able to claim the Medicare rebate ($55.10) following payment of the full fee. 


Private consultations may be claimable through private health insurance

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