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Gut health
(incl. Coeliac Disease)

Gut health (incl. Coeliac Disease): Text

Do you suffer from daily abdominal discomfort? Have you been told that you probably have Coeliac Disease or a FODMAP intolerance, but you have no idea what that means? Have you tried to fix this issue before, only to find that you couldn’t get the support that you needed?

If this all sounds familiar, then you won’t be surprised to hear that your gut health has a big impact on your overall wellbeing including mental health.  Many people put up with daily pain and discomfort without realising that they are reacting to something in their food.

Unfortunately, identifying specific gut issues is harder than it sounds. There are many things that it might be, including Coeliac Disease, FODMAPs, IBS, IBD, a chemical intolerance or something different entirely. Without the right guidance, your chances of navigating to the best possible outcome are slim to none.

We regularly see patients that have been putting up with abdominal discomfort for years, and they have come to accept it as normal. Alternatively, we see patients that have had the wrong advice and they have excluded lots of foods (and food groups) unnecessarily.

Life is too short to leave out foods that we love without a good reason. You shouldn’t give up and you don’t have to!

We have lots of experience with gut issues and have dietitians trained to effectively spot the issues and get you on the path to recovery! This includes years of hand-on experience with some of family members suffering from gut health issues. Our success rate is second to none, with lots of happy (and relieved) patients. Here is what some of them have said:

Come and see us if you are experiencing

  • Bloating

  • Pain or cramping

  • Diarrhoea or constipation,

  • Nausea,

  • Reflux or

  • any other abdominal discomfort

In-person and telehealth appointments available.

We are located in Eastern Australia - please email us at if you would like to arrange an appointment outside of our standard operating hours

Gut health (incl. Coeliac Disease): Services

My quest for an explanation is over! After seeing my doctor, a naturopath and a nutritionist, I was sick of trying things that didn’t work and was ready to give up. Now I feel like I have been listened to and saw an improvement within days.


Patient feedback

Gut health (incl. Coeliac Disease): Testimonials

Our Gut Health dietitians

Jacqueline Bampton

Senior Dietitian

Since joining Live Better Nutrition, Jacqui has amassed a strong following from her patients. They love working with her, and are quick to tell their friends about the results they achieve with Jacqui's help.

Jacqui is trained in the Monash FODMAP diet and RPAH Failsafe diets. She has has already worked with many patients who have acheived great results. She works with patients in both in-person and telehealth settings.

Jacqui photo.jpg

Tania Mathewson

Senior Dietitian

Tania is an expert in gut health with almost a decade of experience as a dietitian.​ She is trained in the Monash FODMAP diet and 

has extensive experience with gut health consultations. She works with patients in both in-person and telehealth settings.

Image - updated.png
Gut health (incl. Coeliac Disease): Team

Jane Chiu


Jane has recently joined Live Better Nutrition. 

She has a special interest in gut health and is trained in the Monash FODMAP diet. She works with patients in both in-person and telehealth settings.

Jane portrait.png
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