Fertility & pregnancy nutrition


Are you having trouble falling pregnant or staying pregnant? Are you worried about what you should eat during pregnancy to ensure you and your baby get adequate nutrition? Are you looking at your pre-pregnancy clothes and wondering if they will ever fit again? Have you been diagnosed with gestational diabetes?

Food and good nutrition play an incredibly important role throughout conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Anyone who is above a healthy weight range can find it more difficult to fall pregnant and losing just 5% of your weight can increase your chances of falling pregnant by up to 25%! The list of clients that we have helped to fall pregnant is growing quickly, and many of them are getting results within months. Our regimen is 100% compatible with assisted fertility treatments, such as Ovulation Induction and IVF, and has seen significant improvements in results from fertility treatments.

Falling pregnant is only the beginning though – many women have trouble staying pregnant with frequent miscarriages and issues with implantation, and diet can play a role here too. We can assist with changes to your diet and lifestyle that will increase your chances of carrying your baby to term.

Following the delivery of your new baby, it is important to be well nourished for both you and your baby. Whether or not you choose to breastfeed your baby, the foods you choose will help you to manage the demands of motherhood. Adequate nutrition can also help you to ‘bounce back’ from pregnancy, helping you reach your weight goals without leaving you feeling hungry or fatigued from lack of nutrition.Our dietitians have lots of experience with fertility and pregnancy nutrition and are ready to partner with you through one of the most important stages of your life.


We offer support throughout the entire fertility and pregnancy journey, from preparing for conception through to post-natal advice, and including gestational diabetes.

In-person and telehealth appointments available.

We are located in Eastern Australia - please email us at enquiries@livebetternutrition.com.au if you would like to arrange an appointment outside of our standard operating hours


Patient feedback


After a series of miscarriages, my husband and I were starting to wonder if we would ever have a child.  Despite lots of research and talking to a bunch of so-called experts, we kept failing. Live Better Nutrition recommended some changes and the next time we fell pregnant – we were successful.  Thank you to Jeanette and the team.

Rick and Jocelyn

Our Fertility and Pregnancy nutrition dietitian

Jeanette Ryan

Principal dietitian

Jeanette is the founder of Live Better Nutrition and is our resident expert on fertility and pregancy nutrition.

She has been trained on fertility and pregnancy with Nutrition Plus and has extensive experience helping women throughout their fertility and pregnancy journey, both through in-person and online consultations.

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