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Aged care nutrition

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Our aged care nutrition services are suitable for both in-home and residential aged care settings. We can also assist residential aged care providers with annual goods and services adequacy reviews

In home aged care services

We also offer in-home services, applying the same assessment methodology that we use in residential settings. Our advice is tailored to the individual, taking into consideration what food preparation they will undertake. We can also advice on the preparation of appropriately texture modified foods.

Residential aged care services

We offer resident focused services to ensure ongoing nutritional adequacy.

We conduct initial nutritional assessments upon entering the residence to ensure the resident's nutritional requirements are well understood and to obtain baseline measurements.

That assessment, along with subsequent reviews, applies the PG-SGA validated tool which informs nutrition planning. We will develop an individualised nutrition plan for each resident, giving them the greatest chance to thrive. Additional services including menu planning and texture modification advice are also available.

Residential aged care provider services

In conjunction with our resident services, we can assist residential aged care providers in the preparation of 'Annual goods and services adequacy reviews'. 

We can also assist with menu planning, recipe development, weight monitoring and bi-annual malnutrition assessments.

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